About Us

Donna --- Growing up in Walla Walla, Donna learned first hand about local farm fresh ingredients.  Summers were spent picking berries and Walla Walla sweet onions.  She spent time in the kitchen with her mom to turn their berries and sweet onions into pies, tarts and jams.  Donna's father supplied food to restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, and home was the hangout location in town because it was where locals knew they could find the best food. Her career in the eyecare industry led to travel all over the world, and her international adventures created a passion and love for a wide variety of cuisines.  Donna's husband and daughter always look forward to the new cuisine and recipes that show up on the dinner table.

Lisa ---A Southern California girl at heart, Lisa grew up close to her grandparent's ranch, and spent much of her childhood picking blackberries, avocados and lemons.   She learned how to turn the fresh produce into delicious edible treats, and how the produce complimented other ingredients.....blackberry compote over pancakes or pork, fresh lemon juice to brighten up seafood or a salad,  and everything tasted better with avocados.  She also learned about Italian cooking from her mother and grandmother, and her godmother showed her all the secrets of French cuisine.   Trips across the States and through Europe exposed Lisa to different cuisines.  Married with 2 children (1 a picky eater, and 1 who will eat anything and everything), Lisa loves having her family be the testers for new recipes.