About Us


So who the heck are Donna and Lisa, you ask?  That's Donna on the left, and, on the right, is me, Lisa.

We met several years ago when Donna and her family (hubby and daughter) moved back up the PNW.  Our girls were the same age (the cutest little 7 year old's ever, not that we're biased at all!) and her husband took on the arduous (and extremely brave) task of herding cats....I mean coaching their soccer team.

And that, my friends, was the start of a beautiful friendship.  Corny, yes, but true.

So why start a website?  How did we come up with the idea?

The short version? We wanted to create a business that would give us flexibility, a creative outlet, and provide a needed service that revolved around something we love to do.

The long version?  Donna and I love to cook.  It's something we both have always loved to do.  We both find it incredibly satisfying to plan out our meals for the week, to open the fridge and know what we're cooking for dinner tonight and we love testing and cooking family recipes and new recipes we find in favorite cookbooks.

We actually came up with the idea for A Menu for You during one of our girls' soccer games.  We were standing in the pouring rain, balancing umbrellas and lukewarm coffee, rooting on the team as they swam....I mean ran....up and down the field that was more like a swamp.  Donna and I started chatting about our mutual desire to go back to work, now that our kids were getting older.  We knew we wanted something flexible (neither of us were willing to give up carpooling just yet), something creative (not a 9-5 job in a windowless cubicle) and it had to be centered around something we both love.

We immediately knew whatever business we started would have to do with food.  Donna and I quickly went through the list of possible food-based businesses, crossing them off the list one by one until we were left with an online business.   After some research and chatting with our friends and family we found out there weren't a ton of options available for online menu planning.  And what was out there was either extremely limited, revolved around some version of a casserole or both.  And that, my friends, is how A Menu for You was born.

Intrigued and want to learn more?  Click HERE to head over to How it Works.

5 things you should know about Donna

  1. I grew up in Walla Walla, Washington (the little town so nice, they named it twice!).  Summers were spent picking berries and Walla Walla sweet onions. I I spent loads of time in the kitchen with my mom turning local berries and sweet onions into pies, tarts and jams.
  2. My father supplied food to restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, and home was the hangout location in town because it was where our friends knew they could find the best food.
  3.  My career in the eyecare industry led to travel all over the world which created a passion and love for a wide variety of cuisines.
  4. I love red wine, binge watching my new favorite show, Scandal, and my sweet little papillon, Ollie. (oops, that was 3 things!)
  5. When I'm not in the kitchen cooking, I'm either walking my dog, hanging out at our beach house on Puget Sound, or driving my daughter to the mall (I'm seriously counting down the days until she gets her license!)

5 things you should know about Lisa

  1. I'm a 4th generation California (making my kiddos 5th generation!) and was born and raised in Los Angeles.  Even though I LOVE living in the PNW, I do miss the sunshine (especially from February to July!) and really good, authentic Mexican food.
  2. The majority of my summers and vacations were spent visiting my grandparents ranch near Santa Barbara.  My most favorite memories are horseback riding, making homemade jam with my aunt, mom and cousins and eating fresh tart blackberries right from the vine.
  3. Before I moved to Seattle, I had never lived outside Los Angeles.  Ever. To say it was a challenge would be a HUGE understatement, but now, 12 years later, I can't imagine living anywhere else.
  4. My husband is from Hawaii (born and raised!) and we dream about someday moving there.
  5. When I'm not in the kitchen cooking, I'm driving my daughter around (I'm also counting down the days until she gets her license!), binge watching (current favorite is The Crown and Ozark) or reading (I'm really trying to read more, so my new routine is to read before bed instead of check email and social media).

Wow, did you just read all the way to the end?  Thanks!  

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Happy Cooking,

Lisa and Donna