A Look Back…..

Donna and I always love taking a look back at what was cooking in your kitchens in 2017.

What menus and recipes resonated with you the most?

So before we take a step forward, let's take a look back at what menus you loved in 2017.


In 5th place.........Colorado Green Pork Chili.

Tender pork butt and sausage are the base for this flavor packed chili.  Tomatillos and green chilis add the background notes and spices add a bit of heat.  Perfect to serve for a crowd (this would be amazing at your Superbowl party) and, if you're lucky enough to have leftovers, is fabulous for lunch the next day.

In 4th place.........Mongolian Beef with Rice

I don't know about you, but my slow cooker pretty much remains on my counter the entire winter.  Although, that may change now that I have an Instapot (stay tuned for our brand new category!).  Flank steak cooks all day to melt-in-your-mouth tender perfection.  All the seasonings will fill your kitchen with the most amazing smells.  The rice (or grain of your choice -- my husband loves this with quinoa) is great for sopping up all the sauce.

In 3rd place.........BBQ Chicken Pizza

Considering this is one of OUR family favorites, I wasn't too surprised to see it make the list.  Incredibly easy (thanks to pre-made pizza crust) and a fabulous way to use up left over chicken.

In 2nd place..........Ancho Short Rib Tacos

Short ribs cook all day in your oven and the results are mind blowing.  Tender and literally falling off the bone, and when paired with pickled onions (brilliant way to cut through the fat with some crunch and acidity) and topped with a sprig, or two, of cilantro these are making regular appearances on your taco Tuesday nights.

And in 1st place, with a landslide victory......drumroll, please..........

Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass with Braised Bok Choy

A perfect example of only needing a few great ingredients to make an extraordinary dish.  It's also an example that you don't need to spend hours in the kitchen with a complicated recipe in order to get an amazing dinner.

So there you have it.  You, our members have spoken.


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Happy Cooking!

Lisa and Donna


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