Cooking for Easter This Year

I was planning on a completely different post for today.

But as I started to type, I stopped.

It suddenly dawned on me with all the birthdays, anniversary's and milestones being celebrated in new ways right now, Easter and Passover will be the first holidays celebrated during quarantine.

And, yes, I know a lot of us were quarantined over St. Patrick's Day, but I'm pretty sure we can all agree that Easter and Passover are different.

But, even though the holidays won't look the same this year, you can still celebrate them by holding on to old traditions, and creating some new ones, too.

I can absolutely help you celebrate with good food and tasty dishes, regardless of what you have in your pantry right now, or what ingredients you have access to.

Just because your menu is different this year, doesn't mean you can't still make an amazing Easter brunch or dinner -- or both!

Usually, the Friday before Easter I run to the grocery store to get ALLLLL the ingredients.

I always try to get there early to avoid the rush, but usually run into a few friends anyway. We compare notes about we're cooking, and who's coming over. And then I grab extra eggs for the deviled eggs, and try to decide between a leg of lamb and lamb chops.

This year I do have plenty of eggs, so there will absolutely be deviled eggs. But I won't be able to schedule a grocery delivery in time for lamb, so I'm ordering a seafood box one of the local restaurants is offering. And I'll be digging through the freezer and using frozen spinach and artichokes to make some kind of gratin

We'll set the table (good motivation for finally finishing that puzzle -- hopefully the dog didn't eat the pieces that are missing), and use the good china and silverware. We'll get dressed up in clothes other than jeans and athleisure, and pick a church service to watch.

That's how I'm combining old and new traditions this year.

How are you planning to keep old traditions and make new ones this year?

While you're thinking 'bout that, I've got some awesome recipes that are super easy to adapt based on the ingredients you have right now.

And if you're still struggling with what to make, leave a comment with the ingredients you have, and I'll help you come up with delicious recipes for Easter.

Dutch Baby
Dutch Baby
If you have fruit (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries would all work) cook the fruit in a small pot over medium heat with some lemon juice until it reduces and gets all jammy. Spoon the fruit over the top.

Click HERE for full recipe
Flour may be scarce, but if you stocked up this is the perfect recipe to use some. Spread these with butter and fresh jam, or make scrambled eggs and make mini egg sandwiches.

Click HERE for full recipe
Potato and Pancetta Frittata
A frittata is one of the easiest, most versatile egg dishes. You can add whatever vegetables you have, add cooked sausage or left it vegetarian, top it off with a salad with tangy vinaigrette or serve it by itself. Anyway you cook it, it will be absolutely delicious.

Click HERE for the full recipe
Roast leg of lamb with potatoes and rosemary on serving wooden board
Roasted Lamb with Herbed Olive Butter
If you can't get lamb there are other substitutes that will be just as delicious -- rib eye steaks, roast chicken, beef tenderloin and salmon all work with this recipe. The star, honestly, is the herb olive butter which also is amazing just spread on a baguette.

Click HERE for the full recipe

Stay healthy and safe, friends!

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