How exactly does A Menu for You work?

That's a really great question!

Below is more information on how to join and a list of faqs.


Not sure you want to join just yet? No worries! 

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  1. Members get access to all our menus and are the first ones notified about new menus, recipes and tips.
  2. Joining is SUPER easy! Click on the "Become a Member" button on the main menu.
  3. Choose either a monthly plan ($4.99) or an annual plan ($39).
  4. Fill out the rest of the Membership Registration form.
  5. Check your inbox for your confirmation email.
  6. Start cooking!
  7. If you try us out and discover we're just not a good match, you can cancel your membership at anytime.


It's THAT easy!



  1. Do you have a recipe box?  YES!  You can save your favorite recipes to your very own personal recipe box.
  2. Do you have alot of variety?  My family gets bored easily.   YES! YOU get to choose what YOU want to cook from over 20 different categories (asian to french, slow cooker to comfort and everything in between!), plus we offer speciality menus you can choose from (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc).
  3. Can print out a grocery list? YES! Every recipe has a printable grocery list.  Select what groceries you need.  Print it out.  Go shopping.  Get cooking.
  4. Are you going to fill my inbox with spam? ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Who has time for that?  Not us, and not you! We will only send you emails once a week letting you know about the latest blog post, newest recipes and tips on menu planning.
  5. I hate recurring payments because I feel like I can never cancel.  We hear you! Once you become a member you will be charged either monthly or yearly, according to your subscription plan.  HOWEVER, you are NEVER stuck!  If we aren't a good match, simply send us an email and we'll cancel your subscription right away.


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Donna and I hope that once you've had a chance to hang out with us, you'll want to join A Menu for You!

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Happy Cooking!

Lisa and Donna