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Foodies Across the Pond

Meet Jane and Lisa.....

Jane lives in the gorgeous English countryside of Herefordshire, UK and created the award winning Myrtle’s Kitchen.  



Lisa lives in the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle, WA and created A Menu for You.  



Together they created Foodies Across the Pond!

What is foodies Across the Pond?


Twelve Menus of Christmas was self published in December 2022 and Cookbook #2 is in the works and due this Summer!


Our brand new podcast is coming May 2!! 



We’ll be sharing our favorite food purveyors, growers, chefs, recipes, cooking tips, life and stories!  

New cookbook coming.....

Summer 2022

We’re SO excited to share with you our brand new cookbook coming this Summer!


We’re hard at work testing recipes, shooting and filming and writing all the content.  


Click below to grab a spot on the waitlist and be the first to know when the new cookbook is available!

Asian Burger (cookbook)
Raspberry Ricotta Cake
Bees Knees

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