It's almost Thanksgiving.........
are you ready?

Or are you completely stressing out?

Do you wish you had new recipes to inspire you to cook?

Do you wish you could get organized, so you'd have time to start Christmas shopping?

Do you dream of a Thanksgiving you get to sit down and enjoy, instead of feeling overwhelemd and stressed?

I've got ALL the Thanksgiving tips, recipes, guides, ecookbook and cooking videos to help you cook the best Thanksgiving dinner EVER without stress or overwhelm!


Choose from 3 tasty options to help you cook Thanksgiving!

Choose one, two or all 3 based on where you need the most help in the kitchen!

Thanksgiving Cooking Classes

This is for you if......

You love watching cooking shows
You need more in depth guidance when it comes to cooking You wish I could be in the kitchen cooking with you.
$ 25 starting at
  • All videos are prerecorded, so you can go at your own pace
  • Nope, no private Facebook group BUT you can always email me your questions
  • Downloadable recipe PDFs
  • Lifetime access (so you can easily use them to also cook Christmas and other holiday dinners!)

Thanksgiving Ecookbook

This is for you if:

You're looking for a "ready made" Thanksgiving menu to save you time!
$ 9
  • Set menu to save you time
  • 3 different options for main courses (including 2 non-turkey ones!)
  • Weekly checklist with items to buy and prep
  • Thanksgiving Week daily checklist

Thanksgiving Recipes

This is for you:

if you love to cook and are looking for new delicious recipes to inspire you!
  • Main course recipes like turkey (and non-turkey ones, too, if you want to be different this year!)
  • Side Dishes (creamy mashed potatoes, the BEST stuffing and more!)
  • Desserts (pies, pies and MORE pies!)
  • Cocktails (and mocktails, too!)

I'll show you how

I'm so excited you're here!

Hey there, I'm Lisa!

I'm a coffee drinkin', brand new "empty nester", been married for 26 years, California girl who's lived in the beautiful PNW for the last 16 years.

I love to travel, watch cooking shows (fun fact, when I was in elementary school I used to pretend I had my own cooking show), and I can literally spend hours talking on the phone.

One of my absolute favorite holidays EVER is Thanksgiving.


Because the whole point of the holiday is to cook incredible food, share it with your loved ones and practice gratitude for all the goodness in your life.

From chatting with all of you over the last few years, I know that not all of you get excited to cook Thanksgiving.

And I totally get that because I was there, too.

For my very first Thanksgiving, I burnt the pecan pie, didn't allow the turkey enough time to thaw and we ended up ordering pizza.

But, through trial and error and LOTS of practice cooking over the years, I have LOADS of cooking tips, recipes and other tricks up my sleeve to help you leave behind stress and overwhelm and cook a ridiculously Thanksgiving dinner!

I want you to sit down at Thanksgiving this year and be enormously proud of the food you've cooked........and thrilled that EVERYONE wants seconds!

So, preheat your oven, grab your favorite beverage and let's get cooking together!



Cooking is an adventure you take without leaving the kitchen.

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