You’re all signed up for the Italian Appetizer and Wine Tasting Cooking Experience!


Mark your calendar for Friday, May 21st at 5 p.m. PST!


The best thing about this trip is you can wear your slippers, don’t need to hunt down your passport, and there’s no jet lag!


Click HERE to download your grocery list, prep list and recipes!


Now for the extra treats, my friend!


Here’s the discount code to get 30 days FREE in Menu Masters, a recipe and meal planning membership……


If you want more information, you can get all the details about the membership HERE.  This offer is only good if you’re not currently a member.  And if you find out membership isn’t your thing, no worries, you can cancel at anytime. 



You’ll be getting reminder emails and cooking class info emails, so don’t forget to check your spam and promotion folders!

 And if you have any questions email me at: [email protected]


See you on the 21st!








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