The Perfect Turkey

How many times have you had to endure tough, dry, tasteless turkey?  Well, that ends here!  This recipe throws down the turkey gauntlet and declares victory -- impossibly moist, tender and a ridiculous amount of flavor.  One of the secrets is a flavorful rub (check!) and the next is not overcooking your turkey (check!).  Once the thermometer reaches 160 take it out of the oven -- you want to measure the temperature at the thickest part of the turkey, and be sure the thermometer doesn't touch the bone!  The turkey will continue to cook with residual heat.  You also want the turkey to rest so the juices recede back into the bird (another way to ensure a moist turkey!), and not run all over your cutting board (this is bad, because that's all the flavor and moistness running away!).

The important thing is to be patient, enjoy time with your family and loved ones, and remember that, any mistakes are easily covered up by extra gravy!

Thanksgiving Turkey

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Serves: 12-15 Total Time: 5 hours (includes resting time)



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