There's never been a more important time to learn
how to cook from your pantry.

And I want you to know that in these uncertain times


Join me in this workshop and I'll teach you how to cook delicious, uncomplicated meals right from your pantry!

Grab your favorite beverage and come join me!


In our 1 hour and 15 minutes here’s what you’ll learn:

* Techniques to use to  create meals based on ingredients you already have in your pantry.

* What ingredients to buy and always have on hand.


* How to make substitutions without sacrificing flavor.


* How to create multiple dishes from just a few ingredients. 

*How to handle picky eaters 

*How to cook without a recipe

*How to make minor changes to infuse new flavor into a dish

I’m sharing all my tips on how to successfully cook amazing, healthy, delicious meals right from your pantry.

You'll come away from this workshop feeling....

More confident cooking dinner!

Happy to finally know how to put together delicious dinners based on what you already have in your pantry!

Excited to try new recipes and get your family involved!

Energized because you’ll be eating healthier!

Less stressed because you have a plan when it comes to cooking dinner.


I’m Lisa, founder of A Menu for You, and my super power is teaching how to cook directly from your pantry.

When my husband and I were first married, he switched jobs and took a pretty drastic pay cut.  This meant I needed to be waaaaay more strategic and creative when it came to shopping, planning and cooking dinner. 

Seeing how far I could stretch ingredients, how many different dishes I could make, and how much money I could save us with fewer trips to the store all became part of the new way I cooked meals. 

I’d watch countless episodes on Food Network, and take dishes I’d watch Jacques Pépin make  (Ina and Giada weren’t around yet) and tweak them to fit the ingredients I already had. 

I’d watch Julia Child’s and pour over cookbooks to get ideas and inspiration.  

That style of cooking stuck with me, and it’s still how I cook today.  I’ve had to adapt some because my husband and I have two kids (21 and 17) and my cooking has changed to increase in quantity (hello, teenagers!) and work around all the stages of a picky eater (no green food was a super long phase!).

And it’s the way I still like to cook today.  

I’m excited to teach you all I’ve learned, what worked (and what didn’t), how to make minor tweaks to make an even tastier dish, and, most important of all, help you be less stressed when it comes to cooking dinner. 

Here's just a sampling of the meals you'll be cooking after you take the workshop!

Sheet Pan Dinners
Like this herb roasted chicken with vegetables
Hearty Soups
Like this chicken curry noodle soup
30 Minute Meals
Like this broccoli and artichoke pizza
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Pantry Cooking Workshop Price

$ 47
one time purchase
  • Instantly download the Pantry Cooking Workshop video (1 hour 15 minutes) so you can start cooking easy, uncomplicated pantry dinners TONIGHT.
  • Lifetime access (watch the video as many times as you want!), so you can start TODAY
  • Kitchen Checklist: list of Pantry, Refrigerator and Freezer Staples, so you'll know what ingredients to always keep on hand
  • Downloadable Ecookbook with recipes, shopping list & menu planning calendar, so you can plan your menus for the week (and say goodbye to stress and overwhelm!)
  • PDF slides for you to take notes and keep as references, so you can refer back anytime you need help, inspiration or guidance

Come join me while I teach you about
pantry cooking!

Now is the time 

to learn how to take all those seemingly random ingredients and create meals your whole family will love.

Now is the time 

to learn how to use every bit of the food you have to minimize food waste.


Now is the time 

to learn how to stretch out ingredients and create multiple meals


Learning how to cook from your pantry, how use ingredients you already have, and how to cut down and minimize food waste will help you save money, save time and lower your stress when it comes to cooking dinner.

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