We're taking a virtual trip to an Italian winery!

pack your bags, well....actually, just preheat your oven and grab a wine glass.......and head to your kitchen, my friend!

Different marinated olives on table close-up
Outdoor table with vineyard background in susnet time in tuscany italy

the adventure begins......

First we'll make appetizers and then Renée Sferrazza, CMS Sommelier, will walk us through wine pairings for each appetizer

FREquently asked questions

How many people are in a class?


Classes are limited to 12 screens. This gives me the ability to give more attention to you and make sure I always have plenty of time to answer all your questions.


Do I need to have my camera on?


No, you can watch with your camera off, but, it’s so much more fun with it on!  You’ll get much more out of the experience!


Do I need to cook with you, or can I watch?


You can absolutely sit back and watch and make the appetizers later!   You’ll get forever access to the replay and you can always reach out to me with any questions.


Do I need to prep ahead of time?


You’ll get a grocery list and the recipes before class, so you can prep ingredients if you’d like.  Or you can cook along with me!


Where is the class hosted?


All classes are hosted on Zoom and you can join from your phone, computer or tablet.


Can my husband/boyfriend/roommate/best friend join, too?


The price is per household, so, yes, as long as you all live under the same roof! 

The full menu

- grocery list and recipes

you'll get the full list of ingredients and recipes for each dish, along with a list of wines.

- Replay and Ecookbook

After class you'll get the replay and an Ecookbook with notes from the class

- Free month of menu masters

To keep you inspired and excited to cook, you'll get access for an entire month to the recipe and menu planning membership

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