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Summer at Home

Are you ready to take your cooking to the next level?

Raise your hand if you miss traveling with EVERY fiber of your being.

Yep, me, too!

That's why I created Summer at Home, my newest digital cookbook!

You're in a cooking rut

You want to cook something different, but you have NO idea where to start!

You're sick and tired of cooking the same recipes over and over again

You want new recipes you KNOW will be delicious!

You're feeling completely uninspired

You want to feel inspired and excited to cook dinner!

What's Included in the Digital Cookbook?

* Main Dishes

* Desserts

* Cocktails

* Favorites List (links to my favorite online stores to get the best sourced spices, coffee, jams, and MORE)

* Replay to a cooking class where I cook the Pork Glass Noodle Bowls, give tips for cutting pineapple and mango without losing your fingers, menu planning tips, and MORE!

First stop.....Greece!

Tender cuts of lamb are marinated in yogurt and spices (yep, turmeric is one of them!) and then served up on on a bed of orzo. 

Roast vegetables and salty feta make this dish your passport straight to Greece. 

Pack your bags for a trip to Thailand (actually, you can stay in your comfy sweats if you want!)

This Pork Glass Noodle Bowl combines Thai flavors to create a dish that’s got a bit of a kick, but is also balanced out with the abundance of fresh herbs.  

You’ll get tips for substitutions (no glass noodles? no problem!) and once you make this, you’ll want to make it all summer long.

Italy is calling you!

After a long day of walking the streets of Rome, this is EXACTLY the treat you need with your afternoon espresso. 

Ok, maybe you’re not in Italy right now,  but when you make this Raspberry Ricotta Cake, you’ll definitely feel like you are!

Even if you’re only walking from your living room to your bedroom.  

Or your kitchen to your backyard.  

Or if you like breakfast for a snack, or a snack for breakfast, or are looking for an insanely delicious, tender cake filled with all the sweet summer raspberries.  

these are just some of the recipes that are waiting for you inside!

I know you love a good sneak peek, so here's a peek inside Summer at Home!

Cooking is an adventure you take without leaving your kitchen

You're just one click away from all the deliciousness!

Are you ready to feel......


Get your passport virtually stamped with recipes inspired by different cuisines from around the world.


Every recipe has a video to inspire and get you excited to cook the recipes!


Grocery shopping can be a HUGE challenge right now, so I'm including some of my favorite online shops

Hey there, I'm Lisa!

I’m a coffee drinking, “almost” empty nester born and raised in Southern California now living in the PNW with my husband of 25 years. 


I grew up visiting my grandparent’s ranch every summer. There was a TON of blackberry picking, horseback riding, pie baking, jam making and eating my weight in guacamole. 


My French godmother taught me the magic of paper thin crepes sprinkled with sugar and fresh lemon juice squeezed over the top.  


If I could live anywhere it would be a toss up between the south of France or the Amalfi coast.  


My cooking is HUGELY influenced by my love of travel, my obsession with cookbooks (there’s no such thing has having too many), and wanting to recreate dishes from my travels and from my childhood.  


And that’s one of the reasons behind Summer at Home.   


The recipes were inspired by my travels and my childhood — I hope you enjoy the adventure!



Summer at Home

recipes, videos, inspiration
$ 9
  • Mouth watering recipes using Summer ingredients with a focus on different cuisines
  • Videos of behind the scenes, how the recipes come together, helpful tips
  • Links to my favorite places to shop for ingredients, spices, kitchen and home goods
  • Access to a LIVE Zoom Cooking class where I'll be cooking recipes from Summer at Home

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