Salsa Verde (a.k.a one of the most versatile sauces EVER)

What's NOT to love about salsa verde?  This gorgeous, bright green salsa is the perfect vessel for getting those crunchy, salty tortilla chips in your mouth......we ALL know that, right?  But do you know there are SO many ways to use salsa?  Serve it with grilled meat, chicken, pork AND fish -- yep, it's a fabulous zesty sauce for ALL.

It's versatile because you can EASILY add more heat by adding more jalapeños.  Not a fan of cilantro?  Sub it out with parsley instead.  Yes, not the traditional salsa, but, it's YOUR salsa, so make it the way YOU like it.

Leave a comment below and let me know your favorite thing to spoon salsa verde over!

Salsa Verde

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Serves: Makes about 1 cup Total Time: 10 minutes



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