I'm Lisa!

Hey there, I’m Lisa!  Welcome to my tasty little corner of the internet!. I'm SO glad you're here!!

I started this website over 7 years ago because I wanted to share really tasty recipes, but also inspire you to get outside your comfort zone and try new ingredients, new spices, new flavors. You don't have to cook the same boring, bland recipes over and over again. There are so many incredible flavors to explore, and I'm excited to get you all fired up to try them!!

I believe in cooking with balance so you'll find plenty of carbs, desserts and cocktails, but also salads and loads of veggie recipes, too! I love cooking with the best quality ingredients you can find (yes, it really does make a difference) and I'm always experimenting with different spices, herbs and flavors.

Whether you're an experienced home cook or just starting to dabble in the kitchen, you'll find recipes to get you SO excited to cook dinner and even MORE excited to sit down and eat!

My Favs

A little more about me

I've been married 27 years and a mom to two who have spread their wings and flown the coop. Being an empty nester has definitely taken some getting used to!

My hubby and I live in the PNW with our cute, adorable and very energetic rescue pup. Before living in the PNW we lived in CA, where I was born and raised, and, this California girl still loves sunshine, beaches and iced lattes!

BUT…..I also love Fall in the PNW and cozying up under a blanket, watching reality TV or a murder mystery, listening to the rain and drinking a hug mug of tea.

Now that you're here, my friend, grab your favorite beverage (you know I'll be drinking a latte!) and get inspired and excited to cook dinner!

And don't forget to text your friends to come over and join you....the best meals are the ones we share with the people we love!

you don't have to be a professional chef to cook insanely delicious food!