Gift Guide: 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for all the cooks on your list

18 days and counting.......

Every year I promise myself this is the year I'm going to get ALL my Christmas shopping done early, send out my Christmas cards out by December 1st and bake something  Reality check: I've done some shopping, but in NO WAY am I close to being finished.  Christmas cards only got out early because we just moved (which was GREAT motivation!).  I've baked a couple of things (but definitely not every day!).  I actually talk all about stress and the holidays in my last blog post (click HERE if you missed it!).

If you're like me, feeling like December came way too fast and worrying you're already behind schedule on everything, I hope this blog post helps when it comes to finding just the right gift for all the cooks on your list.

In case you're wondering, I'm not getting paid (or free stuff) from any of these vendors, and have chosen what's on the list based on what I already HAVE or what I personally would LOVE to get under the tree this year!


Walnut Cutting Boards

These boards are not only perfect for cutting, but they are absolutely gorgeous for serving cheese and crackers.  You will find yourself using them over and over again.  I have some stacked up next to my stove just because they look so pretty!

Copper Cookware

While not the most practical (you will become VERY good friends with copper polish), there is nothing prettier than a copper pan.  There is also nothing that conducts heat as evenly, making these true workhorses in the kitchen. They are an investment, but, if taken care of, will last FOREVER!

Galvanized 3 Tiered Stand

I mean, seriously, how fabulous is this stand!  Bonus: you can use it YEAR 'ROUND!  For cookies, snacks, cheese plate, drinks......the ways you can use this are limitless!  It's as cute on a holiday table as it is on a picnic table.  This is DEFINITELY on my list the year!


Linen Apron

This one is from a super cute shop on Etsy, and I'm absolutely in LOVE!  It's chic, stylish and something everyone who spends time in the kitchen will absolutely appreciate.  Shipping can take a couple of weeks, so order early to get it in time for Christmas.

Decorative Glasses

Who doesn't love fun glasses?  They are SO versatile! Use them for juice, wine, water, or as small vases for fresh flowers.  I have my eye on these for the whimsical bubble pattern....hint, hint, Santa! 😉


What's on your Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comment section!


If you find yourself overwhelmed and focusing on finding the perfect gift -- STOP!


I guarantee WHATEVER you give, it will be loved and appreciated because it comes from YOU.  We tend to forget that (I know I'm TOTALLY guilty of this!), and it's nice to get a friendly reminder that to constantly seek perfection, is like a dog chasing it's tail.  You'll never be satisfied, and you'll only wind up super dizzy........and who needs that, right?


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