Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Does this sound at all familiar to you?

You're laying in bed (as you were told to do via a scrawled note slipped under your door that reads "whatever you do, don't come downstairs"), listening to the undeniable noise coming from the kitchen.  The sounds of cupboards being open and closed.  Raised voices arguing over who's going to carry the breakfast tray.

It’s the annual breakfast tradition of "let's pour some cereal, burn some toast and pour a cup of coffee.” 

Which means.......

It's Mother's Day.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I look back on those early years of hard scrambled eggs and coffee served in a giant "I Love Mom" mug, little scrubby hands giving giant messy kisses while shoving homemade cards filled with glitter and paste into my still half asleep face, and I miss them.  

My kids have grown up (with one now off at college) which means the breakfasts have gotten a bit better, and the cards no longer spill out glitter all over the sheets. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the fun I have laying in bed, listening to the kiddos and hubby decide who’s fixing what, hollering that the bacon is ready and the hash browns are crispy, all while trying to locate my favorite half and half  (full fat only, please) which in inevitably buried deep in the fridge.

If the days of fixing your mom breakfast in bed are long behind you, I've got you covered.   I have some great finds that will make the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year whether your mom (or aunt or bonus mom or foster mom or grandma) is down the street or across the country.  

And even if you still deliver your mom breakfast in bed, I'm sure she'd love one of these on the tray next to her coffee.


***ALL of the following are gifts  I have given or received and absolutely loved.  I am not getting paid or receiving any compensation (free or otherwise) from any of the companies listed below.  I simply want to share some  favorites with you!




  1. These cards break the mold when it comes to greeting cards.  Inside are gorgeous 3 D artistic creations that really "pop" and I guarantee will put a smile on your mom's face.
  2. With this necklace you are not only giving mom a gift she will cherish forever, but you are also supporting a company who's mission is to create jobs for people transitioning out of homelessness.
  3. This is a fabulous subscription box with curated foods from around the world and will inspire your mom to definitely cook outside the box.
  4. Salt is life and I always have  salt close by because dishes always benefit with a sprinkle (or a pinch). This salt cellar has a sleek, modern design that will go with any kitchen.
  5. If you live in the Seattle area, you are probably already familiar with these gorgeous handblown glass votives.  I love these for the enormous array of colors (literally every color of the rainbow.....and colors that rainbows wish they had!).  Another reason these are my go-to gifts is a portion of every purchase goes to charity.
  6. If your mom loves tea or coffee (or both) she will fall in love with this chic matte black kettle .
  7. For moms who love to cook, a gift certificate to A Menu for You is the perfect gift.
  8. Does your mom love fresh juice?  This juicer  makes it quick and easy to make fresh juice.
  9. You've heard of Farm to Table when it comes to food, and now thanks to The Bouqs Co. there is farm to table flowers.  These gorgeous creations are cut the day you order from flower farms that practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming.
  10. If you've been on my Instagram, you've probably seen these dishes I use all.the.time.  Not only are they the perfect size for dessert, serving appetizers, or salad, but they also come in absolutely gorgeous colors.









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