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Easy Parmesan Chicken with Tomato Confit

What happens when you're fresh out of mozzarella and marinara sauce, but are craving crispy, crunchy breaded chicken parmesan? You make this instead! It's an elevated version with extra seasonings in the flour and bread crumbs to make this your new favorite chicken dinner.

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Hey there, I'm Lisa!

I'm a 3rd generation California girl, and moved to Seattle, Washington almost 19 years ago with my husband and our two kids.  We're fairly recent empty nesters, so I'm relearning how to cook for two which is definitely stretching my creativity and I love it! But I also love when my table is for friends and family is my love language!

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Scrumptious Side Dishes

Planning the main course is one thing, but don’t forget about planning a tasty side dish, too!

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Perfect for when you’re hungry, but not TOO hungry.  These are also perfect to bring to a party!